Fun stuff for Book Week 2013


The theme for Book Week 2013 is Read Across the Universe.

Here are some fun links to to try!

Children’s Book of the Year Award 2009

The winners of the Children’s Book of the Year Award 2009 have been announced! 

The shortlisted books for the Early Childhood section were:

  Special Kev  How to Heal a Broken Wing  Leaf  Tom Tom  Puffling  Applesauce and the Christmas Miracle

 The shortlisted books for the Picture Book section were:


  Collecting Colour  Nobody Owns the Moon

 Sunday Chutney

 The Big Little Book of Happy Sadness  Home and Away  Captain Congo

 And the winner is…………….

Early Childhood Book of the Year 2009

How to Heal a Broken Wing 

Picture Book of the Year 2009

Collecting Colour

For information about winners in other categories, click here.

Book Week Safari – build your wild self

Wild SelfTo get yourself in the mood for Book Week, have fun creating your own Wild Self to match the Book Week theme of Book Safari!

Click here – it’s easy and lots of fun:)

Here’s one that the 5SA Frenchies did.  (BTW, we saved the image by using PRINT SCREEN and pasting the image into a Word document, cropping it and then saving it as a JPEG using Paint.)  5SA Frenchies Wild Things

Thanks to SLAV’s Bright Ideas blog for the link.

Tony Bones performance

Every year during Literacy Week we have a performance based on the plot from one of the Book of the Year shortlisted books. This year, Tony Bones based the play on Amelia Dee and the Peacock Lampo by one of our favourite authors, Odo Hirsch. The most popular character was Amelia’s know-it-all friend Eugenie, seen in the picture above – it was very funny.

A Question a Day

Every year during Book Week, Miss Hill makes up questions about stories we’ve had at library time, and we have to guess the answers. Our teachers read out the question for the day, and we post our answers in the red post box outside the library. The winner gets a little prize!